Graduate painter, sculptor and designer. Born 1964 in the Ukraine

Studied at the Lviv National Academy of Arts 1983-1990

Since 2001 lives and works as a designer and artist in Nuremberg, Germany.

In the conscious transition from the achieved to the new and in the conscious game with all new possible facets – hard and strong, moving and sobering, hostile and affectionate – man will rediscover himself in complete freedom. This is a temporally measurable point in the rarest of cases – indeed, oftentimes it is only apparent in retrospect, like in the pictures by Wladimir Zalyasko. His planar, vivid exteriors, at the first glance perhaps quotes about experienced landscapes, convert memories to experienced sensitivity in landscapes of the soul.

There is a calm, centralized dynamic in his images which speak of security, of assurance: Assurance in the retentive power of transformation and mutability. His portraits, curiously faded, delicately speak of the many-layered existence of mankind.